My name is Brenna Spencer, and like many of you, I have enjoyed the wonderful world of dogs for decades. I have shown in conformation, obedience, done search and rescue with dogs, shared a wonderful life with dogs and all the joy they bring. It was this that lead me to phoDOGraphy. I never had THAT friend with the big expensive camera standing ringside that would snap the shots of my dogs earning their titles, or during their successes, or even in the moments where we learned the kind of humility that only a dog can teach us.
After my doberman handed me an owner handled Best In Show from the classes, I realized that others had also missed out on the images of their dog children doing what they did to get that awesome show shot or ribbon. I then 'focused' upon that goal. I find great joy in watching my fellow dog lovers as they look at pictures of their dog family, and with a smirk or a tear, saying " caught the dog *I* know...".
Whether the image is noble, serious, goofy, awe-inspiring, or just heart warming, it is my goal to show YOUR dog in the light of the superstar....because EVERY dog, in it's own way, IS a superstar.

If you would like to schedule a photo session, please email me! I promise, I won't bite!
If you prefer a format that is not listed, or have any questions, please contact me (email preferred, TTY/VR/Webcam and ASL also spoken here)!