Rates may vary depedent upon situation.



Candids may be requested the day of a show or other location/event. Prices are posted on image page on website, and may be ordered directly through the website.

If you want images at a show in which I am in attendance, please email me or if you see me, let me know so that I am able to know which dog/ring/handler/ or location.

Session at a show in which I am in attendance: $150

Sessions at shows I am not otherwise attending may be scheduled and while session costs will remain the same, travel expenses will be applied.

Full day sessions without travel : $250

This option might be perfect for those seeking photos of litters, multiple family members, or on location sessions.


I will offer 10% discount for each session, if a sequence of sessions is scheduled at the same location and orchestrated by a group of individuals at that location. In example, if several people at a dog show arrange booking of consecutive sessions and let me know precisely who is in the group, EACH person scheduling a session will receive a 10% discount. Please contact me by email if you have any questions.

If an individual would like to order pictures in bulk, please let me know and we can be sure to apply a discount which will be dependent upon circumstance.